From Illusion to Reality

The birthplace of assessments was illusions. In a way, “assessments were created to explain and remove illusions.” Good ones do just that but poor ones create more illusions than they remove. You can tell the good from the poor by finding out how well the instrument is anchored in empirical reality. That sounds harder than it is. Simply read about the history of the instrument in its “APA-approved” test manual. If it grew from any theory of human nature, then it gets a “poor” rating from me. But if the instrument grew from empirical (observable) data, then I rate it a “good” tool. Good assessment tools clarify reality!

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Testing & Dr. Al

“Allen “Dr. Al” Raffetto, Ph.D. had the good fortune to divide his forty-plus-year career equally between the academic world and the business world. With one foot initially grounded in the rigors of academic thinking, he has spent the last twenty-five years of his career helpings CEOs more effectively and wisely select and develop their people through improved organization-wide thinking, planning, and (using assessments) performance improvement processes” Taken from The CEO Challenge, Patrick Below, 2004

Our Assessment Partners

We build many of our own assessments but not all of them. Our partners own well-constructed, “good” tools plus the software to make them available online. Our franchise partner is Leadership Management® International, Inc. (LMI).

our team

Dr. Al Raffetto
the group’s founder, brings together psychology and business for clients throughout North America.
Erin Makela
An experienced writer about businesses and organizations Erin collaborates with business leaders to tell their stories through the Web. She is presently engaged by Charter Films in Superior, WI as a marketing professional.
Marie Raffetto
As an Account Manager for CLEAResult/ CustomerLink Marie provides project management and training to create comprehensive call center solutions nationwide to the energy, health care, publishing, and other industries.
Hilaire Hauer
Skilled in process improvement and organizational fitness driven by a strong team culture, Hilaire has been Lean Coordinator at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth and an Adjunct Instructor teaching Lean process improvement curricula.
Mark Peterson
Mark has spent over 25 years investigating how hiring, training and performance expectations turn into businesses dollars.