Sometimes when you just can't afford a mistake, assessements still go terribly wrong. When they do, the intelligent strategy is to prevent, not fudge or fix.

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Assessments Trainer
Terry Hammack, Arrowhead Builders Association
I would strongly recommend that anyone looking to fill a professional, key player position use a professional, and in my opintion Al Raffetto is the top of his field.
Mitch Tublin, Business Coach, Stamford, CT
It is my belief Dr. Al will be able to provide a solid solution for this and more moving forward. Dr. Al and I have known each other for years and there is no one I have met who has his expertise in this area of assessments and in creating normative patterns.
Name withheld by request
Hi Dr. Al, Well, you were right. Sally is the best candidate. Here's what I emailed my siblings this morning about her: I think we have found the caregiver for Mom. It's been an interesting process. Dr. Al was right on Sally; she is a delight to have around. She also has a 7 month old daughter, born May 27, 2013, Baby Sally, who is such a happy child!
  This is a win-win situation for both Mom and Sally. After having Baby Sally, Sally wanted to work full-time and still spend time with her daughter. I think this will provide about four years of caregiving for Mom until Baby Sally goes to school, but it could be longer depending upon how everyone likes it.