“Great Assessments Guide Great Training.”

The Process

Our Assessments Training is designed to engage all levels of participant impact as originally identified by Don Kirkpatrick (1959). The image below provides a simple way to identify what those five levels are. And the data (Table 1.) from ASTD in 2002 shows the unfortunate drop in focus that still pervades the training industry. SO WHAT IS THE IMPLICATION?

HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW! We used to say that “Education without Action is Expensive Entertainment.” And that’s what most companies have been funding: Expensive Entertainment. What should you want your training investment with us to accomplish? What we offer is equal emphasis on all of Kirkpatrick’s levels. We will even guarantee an ROI for the client as long as the client agrees to follow our instructions.

Feedback Routs Forgetting

The nemesis of effective training is the FORGETTING CURVE. In his 1885 book “On Memory” Hermann Ebbinghaus described what became his famous forgetting curve. This curve describes the exponential loss of information one has heard recited but has not practiced. The sharpest decline occurs in the first twenty minutes and the decay is significant through the first hour but eventually levels off. Why is this fact so important?

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Imagine this scenario. Your “Training Event” has concluded. Twenty minutes later you reach the parking lot and 80% of what you heard during the show doesn’t even get in the car with you. It is GONE --FORGOTTEN, meaning you have no consolidated working memory to take action with back at the office. And sorry, Power Point handouts don’t reverse the loss. After one week your working memory that gets things done is unable to put any of the seminar’s key ideas into action. Why, because the critical feedback to start consolidation of your thoughts and associated behavior has been left out completely.

If you can’t imagine that event, try this one: Physical Fitness. As in mental/behavioral training so too in physical training: Without feedback what you do casually is just “activity” not “exercise” and with this aimless activity there are no consolidated gains in “fitness”. One more caution: Repetitive feedback is not effective if it remains without meaning. The one guaranteed way to conquer the Forgetting Curve is to offer “FEEDBACK WITH SALIENCY!” Our programs use built-in feedback mechanisms so that participants can add personal meaning (saliency) to their thoughts and attitudes thereby setting up the best odds for changing habits, behaviors and results.


We understand that when a wish becomes a dream and a dream becomes a goal, there is an additional challenge for to be met. We have to transform any goal into a SMART GOAL if it is to be achieved. In training commonly used for goal-setting “SMART” signifies that a goal must be Specific, Measurable,
Attainable, Realistic and Time-defined. As the goal setter refines each of these qualities his/her goal becomes more and more “meaningful personally.” This process of building personal meaning is the clearest example of consequential saliency.

Yet countless salient “SMART GOALS” fail to be achieved because something powerful is still precluding successful goal achievement. Motivation, Character Faults and Blame are not the faulty parts and are not the root of the problem. The root CAUSE for most goal-achievement failures is Absence of Feedback and not just any feedback.

This feedback must be as smart as the goal it is meant for. Our training emphasizes linking SMART FEEDBACK with SMART GOALS. When used in feedback the acronym SMART stands for Specific,
eaningful, Accurate, Relevant and Timely.

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Delayed, Aimless Feedback is a Lost Opportunity!